Project Background

My name is Damien Riggs, and I am the lead researcher involved in a range of projects on the topic of family diversity in Australia. I am currently collaborating with Clare Bartholomaeus, Clemence Due, Sarah Hunter, Kimberly Fuller, and Mia Mandara on these projects, though to date have worked with both Australian and international scholars on other family-related projects. Some of these projects have been funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grants, and my latest research is funded by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship and by Flinders University, where I am employed as an Associate Professor.

This website complements a new book I am writing called Diverse Pathways to Parenthood: Translating research to practice (Elsevier). It documents my different areas of research and findings in relation to family formation, parents, and families, along with resources for practitioners and (intending) parents and families.

Resources on this website have been collated by Clare Bartholomaeus and myself, however linked materials and images belong to the original authors, and inclusion on the website does not per se indicate an endorsement. Lists of publications pertaining to each topic area can be found on individual pages. For a full list of my publications, see my website. A key additional output from my Future Fellowship is the Australian Family Diversity Report, available here, which provides an historical overview of Australian family-related statistics drawing on data released between 1960 and 2015.

You can follow the latest Australian Family Diversity project updates on Twitter.