Companions animals as kin

Some of my latest work, undertaken in collaboration with Nik Taylor, Clemence Due, Heather Fraser, Tania Signal, and Catherine Donovan, has focused on cross species kinship relations, specifically where humans form kinship relations with non-human animals. The primary focus of this research is on experiences of both domestic violence and animal abuse in the context of intimate relationships, but we are also currently exploring the meanings of companion animals to refugee and migrant children, and the occurrence of animal abuse in the context of families where children protection issues arise. An infographic below created in collaboration with Jennifer Power and Henry von Doussa explores the role of animal companions in the lives of trans and gender diverse people.


Fraser, H., Taylor, N., & Riggs, D.W. (in-press 2016). Domestic violence and companion animals in the context of LGBT people’s relationships.

Trans companion animals-2